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Nourish the Heart for Summer

Sheana Yoga- Yoga, Retreats and 1:1 Coaching for Optimal Wellness & Spiritual Awakening

Summer represents the peak of yang energy, emphasizing the need for balance to harness its vitality for optimal health and well-being.

In Chinese medicine, the heart energy, known as "Xin Qi," is regarded as central to overall health, encompassing not only the physical heart but also emotional well-being and the capacity for joy and connection

Join me for a deliciously grounding afternoon of Yin Yoga to kindle the flame in your Heart to nourish body, mind and spirit for Summer.


In Traditional Chinese medicine the Heart is associated with the season of Summer and related to the element of Fire. When the Heart energy is congested we may feel empty, sad and find it challenging to feel connected with life and others. When heart energy is flowing, we feel nourished, harmonious and can build healthy relationships and feel the connectedness of all life.


This workshop will include:

- Yin Yoga to care for the Heart which is the predominant organ during Summer when its energy is at its peak. 

- Special focus on upper body poses to open the chest and support movement of energy through the Heart Meridian and Heart Chakra (Anahata).

- Psychospiritual inquiry into the deepest longings of your heart to reveal love and compassion.

- Guided meditation and Pranayama (breath work). 

- RestorativeYoga to support the body as it metabolizes this deep practice.


You’ll emerge feeling more connected to your Heart and ready to embrace all that the Season of Fire has to offer. 

All-Levels welcome.

Beginners welcome.

My Seasonal Body Yin Yoga workshops sell-out so early registration is recommended. 


Saturday 13th July


YogaFlow, Noe Valley, SF


Any questions, please use the Chat at bottom right of web page. 



Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches us how Heart Chi can become imbalanced during Summer.  

My blog suggests tips on how to kindle the flame in our Hearts to manage the transition into the Season for Fire......


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